The VIVID™ Pro Battery Fogging Machine, a portable and effective infection control system.


This handheld, self-contained mobile fogging unit with Li-ion Battery is ideal for use in those areas where a power supply is limited. Not being reliant on having a power supply allows for a bigger scope of operation for this portable unit, increases the functionality and service which can be offered. 

The unit can be used in a range of different environments - spanning from small areas to large and even outdoors. It is of vital use in the fight against infection and can offer a truly unique sanitisation solution wherever it is used. 

It comes with a 2.5L tank which can provide up to 20m2 per minute and on a full tank has the ability to provide up to 30 minutes spray time and can cover up to 600m2.

Battery Operated.


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Vivid™ Pro Battery Fogging Machine

SKU: CS10053

    • Battery Operated so no need for power source. 
    • Liquid is atomised to create a very fine fog which binds to surfaces to disinfect on contact.
    •  Multiple spray nozzles produce different size droplets for various applications.
    • Easy to carry and operate.
    • Designed for disinfecting, sterilisation, air purification, anti-virus, disease preventions, and more.
    • After using the foggers you only need to leave indoor areas for approx 60 mins afterwards and ventilated areas for only 20 minutes, before  re-occupation

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