Not suitable for resell as due to national shortage only 4 triggers are supplied per pack of 12. 


Ultra AX is a fantastic new virucidal/bactericidal disinfectant, tested to kill coronaviruses - EN14476.


  • Provides effective protection against Coronavirus, Influenza Virus, and HIV
  • Disinfectant properties for killing viruses and germs 
  • Safe to Use in food preparation areas
  • Can be used on all washable surfaces 
  • Yellow in Colour
  • 750ml Trigger Bottle


This product is ideal for cleaning stainless worktops, glass windows, aluminium surfaces and tiled areas. The cleaner is also perfect for use on different types of material including rubber, ceramics and aluminium. 


Please note due to the national shortage of trigger heads only 4 triggers are suppiled per pack of 12. 


Ultra AX Virucidal Cleaner - 750ml. EN14476 Approved Against Coronaviruses

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