This floor standing screen fits easily in front of the counter providing a hygienic barrier between your staff and customers at the till point. Made of easy-to-sanitise 8mm perspex the screen dimensions are 120cm(W) x 59cm(H). It is supported by powder-coated galvanised steelsteel posts and the total height is 180cm. 


Please note this product as it is will need to be screwed to the floor. We also do steel footings for the feet which allow the screen to free-stand. Please see code: CS10034


Delivery 3-4 days


Floor Standing Protective Screen - 120cm x180cm

SKU: CS10019
    • Quick to assemble: All fixings required are provided.
    • Attractive: Made with easy-to-sanitise 8mm Perspex and powder-coated galvanised steel, screens blend in with your retail environment.
    • Strong and secure: Permanent and semi-permanent screens can be bolted to the ground, flexible screen solutions can be built on slim-line free-standing plates. Screens are made from solid 8mm thick Perspex. Posts, cross rails and caps are made from galvanised steel, providing strength yet lightweight.
    • Easy-to-sanitise: Perspex and steel can be quickly sanitised with a spray and wipe down. In the current climate this should be actively done every two hours
    • Recyclable: The steel posts, cross rails and caps are 100% recyclable at end-of-life.
    • Made in the UK

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